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Gello di Pontedera (Italy)

In the near future, biowaste collected in the municipalities of Pisa, Italy, will be treated in the Anaerobic Digestion Plant in Gello di Pontedera. GEOFOR S.p.A. has commissioned BTA with the completion and commissioning of the plant - which will operate according to the BTA® process.

The AD Plant Gello di Pontedera will be able to treat up to 44.000 ton/ year of biowaste and 7.000 ton/year of green waste. The waste will be directly fed, without any previous mechanical pre-treatment, into the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-Treatment for the removal of impurities from the digestible organic fraction before the obtained organic suspension is processed in an wet anaerobic digestion step in two 4.000 m³ fully mixed digesters. The produced biogas, approx. 4,65 million Nm³/year will be valorized in CHP units, obtaining approx. 12 million kWh/year.

Dewatering will be executed in two steps, thus allowing reducing both the consumption of flocculants and fresh water. An intelligent process water management – another advantage of the BTA® Process – furthermore minimizes water consumption and therefore effluent water. Due to the low content of remaining impurities, the digestate solids are an ideal raw material for quality compost. Composting is executed on-site in a closed hall with boxes with a controlled aeration. Thus, the AD Plant Gello di Pontedera will allow both an energetic as well as material valorization of the biowaste collected in this region of Tuscany.

Type of Waste:Biowaste (FORSU)
Capacity:44.000 tons/year FORSU, 7.000 tons/year green waste
Start-up:1st half 2022
Final Client:GEOFOR S.p.A.
Plant sections:Waste reception
BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-Treatment
Wet anaerobic digestion
Biogas valorization in CHP units
Two step solid-liquid separation
Internal process water management
Effluent treatment



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