Itzig, Luxembourg

Plant nameItzig
Start up2011
Type of Waste Biowaste, Food & Kitchen Waste, Commercial Waste,
Capacity 15.000
Plant sectionsWaste reception
Mechanical pre-treatment (screw mill)
BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment
Final ClientBakona s.à.r.l


In the co-digestion plant Itzig BTA international was responsible for the turn-key supply of the biowaste reception and the mechanical and hydromechanical pre-treatment plant for 15.000 ton/year of biowaste, commercial waste and food  waste.

As an innovative aspect, the two BTA® Waste Pulpers considered in this project were equipped with only one shared removal system (LRS Screw) and dewatering press for the light fraction.  

The BTA® Waste Pulpers are preceded by a screw mill and bunker system. After the removal of the coarse impurities the organic suspension is still released from the grit fraction in a BTA® Grit Removal System.

The cleaned organic suspension is co-digested together with agricultural residues (mainly manure and maize silage). The produced biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality.

In Itzig, the high flexibility of the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment is permanently challenged the processing of diverse types of packed commercial residues in cans, bottles or even buckets.

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