BTA® Compact Serie

High-end waste pre-treatment

  • For all kinds of organic wastes
  • Full removal of contaminants
  • Unmatched pulp quality
  • Increased biogas production


The BTA® process is a waste pulping and unpackaging process.

It allows to produce, upstream of the digestion phase, an organic pulp purified of contaminants such as plastics, stones, glass, sand, textiles, etc.

The extraction of contaminants is efficient and selective, ensuring optimal biogas production, low maintenance and low operating costs (no clogging or sedimentation, greatly reduced wear and tear on downstream equipment).

The organic pulp produced is easy to digest and to sanitize.

Widest range of acceptable wastes, high flexibility

  • No limitations on the nature and composition of the waste
  • All categories of contaminants accepted,no exclusions (including glass, inert, metals, shells)
  • Flexibility with regard to waste composition and its evolution

Conversion of wastes into organic sludge, free from contaminents

  • 1 BTA® Waste Pulper (12m³) + 1 BTA® GRS
  • Biowaste processing capacity: up to 10 tons/h
  • All types of waste and contaminants accepted (including glass, metal, shells...)
  • Unmatched pulp quality : less than 0.1% contaminants > 2 mm (on DM)
  • Patented technology

High performance in a compact, turnkey installation

  • Full process, from raw waste to high quality pulp
  • Steelworks for service and maintenance included
  • Quick installation and assembly


Available Options

Heavy fraction

The heavy fraction trap of the BTA® Waste pulper allow the removal of inerts contaminants such as bones, glass, or metal. The heavy contaminants will be mostly extracted intact, before pulping of the waste, thus reducing wear and tear on downstream equipment.


Light Fraction

Plastics, textiles and other light contaminants are extracted from the pulper and rinsed, thus reducing the loss of organic material.

Grit fraction

The BTA® GRS Hydrocyclone allows the extraction of fine inerts like glass, shells, stones, sand and other contaminent from the organic suspension produced by the BTA® Waste pulper.