Barcelona/Ecoparc I, Espagne

Nom de la planteBarcelona/Ecoparc I
Mise en service2009
Intrants Biodéchets, Ordure ménagère
Capacité 50.000
Fourniture, détailBTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment
Thickening step
Re-engineering of 1 x 6.000 m³ digester
Internal process water management
Control Unit for Methanization line
Client finalUTE ECOPARC (Urbaser, Comsa, Emte Joint Venture)
PartenairesBTA Italia GmbH


Due to an ineffective removal of the impurities from the organic suspension going to the anaerobic digestion step, the methanization line of Ecoparc 1 soon presented serious problems which made a stable operation impossible: massive sediments in the digesters and floating layers, constant clogging of the pipes, a high loss of digestible organics in the pre-treatment leading to a by far too low biogas yield and an unacceptable quantity and quality quality of the separated residues.   

BTA, via BTA Italia GmbH, was assigned to refurbish the wet pre-treatment substituting it by the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-Treatment, and to re-engineer one of the 6.000 m³ digester tanks.    

The anaerobic digestion line was restarted in 2008 and has successfully been in operation since then without major unforeseen breakdowns.  The Plant Owner and the Municipality are very satisfied with the plant operation as it has operated both successfully in terms of performances and availability.

This example underlines the importance of a reliable removal of impurities from the organic suspension prior to an anaerobic digestion line and highlights impressively the unique efficiency  of the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment, also or even with high level of contamination.

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