Glasgow, Royaume-Uni

Nom de la planteGlasgow
Mise en service2017
Intrants Ordure ménagère
Capacité 90.000
Fourniture, détailWaste reception
Wet anaerobic co-digestion
BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-Treatment
Wet anaerobic digestion plant
Biogas valorization in CHP units
Solid-Liquid Separation
Internal process water management
Client finalViridor (DBO-Contractor for the Glasgow City Council)
PartenairesInterserve Construction Limited



The Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre (GRREC), treats 200,000 tons per year of residual kerb-side collected municipal waste in Glasgow City. From these, up to 90,000 tons per year will enter the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-Treatment for the efficient removal of impurities as well as wide recovery of digestible organic components into an organic suspension for processing in the anaerobic digestion step. 

Das The design of the wet pre-treatment includes 4 x 32 m³ BTA® Waste Pulpers, 4 x LRS Screw units and presses for the removal and dewatering of the of the light fraction (e.g. plastics, woody material, textiles) 8 x heavy fraction traps and classifiers for the removal of the heavy fraction (e.g. stones, glass, metals, bones) and 8 x BTA® Grit Removal Systems for the removal of the grit fraction (sand, glass splitters). All these equipments will be supplied by BTA International GmbH, together with the Control
Unit (SCADA) for this step.

Furthermore, BTA International will deliver the process design and key components for the removal of suspended solids for a partial stream of the liquid phase obtained in the solid-liquid separation to produce the so-called “Process Water 2” for rinsing purposes in the hydromechanical pre-treatment, thus reducing the demand of potable water and the amount of generated excess water.

Viridor, who will operate the GRREC during 25 years, already operates two other MBT Plants with BTA Technology in Manchester: MBT Reliance Street and MBT Bredbury Parkway. Thus, this will be the third MBT Plant with BTA Technology in the UK, underlining the leading position of BTA International in the pre-treatment and anaerobic digestion of the Organic Fraction from Municipal Solid Waste.

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