Nord de Malte, Malte

Nom de la planteNord de Malte
Mise en service2016
Intrants Ordure ménagère, Fumier et lisier
Capacité 162.000
Fourniture, détailReception and pre-treatment manure and poultry dung
Reception municipal solid waste (MSW) and bulky waste
Materials Recovery Facility of MSW and bulky waste
BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-Treatment for organic fraction of MSW
Wet anaerobic digestion plant
Biogas treatment and valorization in CHP units
Aerobic oxidation
Internal process water management  
Surplus water treatment
Client finalWasteServ Malta Limited
PartenairesEFACEC Engenharia e Sistemas, S.A. 
Vassallo Builders Limited
ProduitsCHP unit with 1.800 kWel



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The Malta North Waste Treatment Facility (MNWTP) at the Maghtab Environmental Complex is a MechanicalTreatment Facility and a (Biological) Anaerobic Digestion Plant (AD).

The Material Recovery Facility will be able to process up to 76.000 tons per year Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and in addition in a separate line 47.000 tons per year of bulky waste. The organic fraction of the total waste is freed from remaining impurities in the BTA® hydromechanical treatment.
The organic slurry is pumped over more than 400 m to the anaerobic digestion plant, where it is fermented with 35,000 Mg/a of slurry and 4,000 Mg/a of chicken manure. The produced biogas is treated in an external desulphurization and valorized in two CHP units.

The digestate is treated in its wet phase inaerobic oxidation tanks upfront the solid-liquid-separation. In this way, it is possible to achieve the Rottegrad V degree for the dewatered digestate without a further composting step. In order to minimise the need for flocculants and water, two-stage dewatering is planned. Any excess water will be treated to high standards in an internal wastewater treatment facility on site.

The MNWTP will be a major step forward in the Solid Waste Management Strategy for the Maltese Islands by the diversion of biodegradable waste and other wastes from landfill.

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