Baden-Baden, Allemagne

Nom de la planteBaden-Baden
Mise en service1993
Intrants Biodéchets, Boues de STEP
Capacité 5.000
Fourniture, détailWaste reception
Mechanical pre-treatment (screw mill)
BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment
Solid-liquid separation
Client finalVille Baden-Baden


Baden-Baden, one of the first BTA plants, is successfully working since almost 30 years now, still with the original equipment in operation.

Operation is characterized by a high availability during all the years, among others due to the very robust equipment and the efficient separation of the impurities. 

In a first step, the biowaste is fed by front loader into a screw mill, where the waste bags are ripped open and the waste is roughly chopped before its feeding into the BTA® Waste Pulper for the removal of the light and heavy fraction and the BTA® Grit Removal System for the elimination of the grit fraction.

The cleaned pulp is pumped into a solid-liquid separation. The produced solids are transferred by a conveyor belt into a container to transport it to a nearby composting plant where it is mixed with green waste for the production of high quality compost.

The centrate is fed into the two digestion tanks of the sewage plant, where it is co-digested together with sewage sludge. The dissolved organic material is completely converted into biogas and does not increase the sludge quantity. So the original biogas production of the sewage plant has been considerably increased.

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