Maresme, Espagne

Nom de la planteMaresme
Mise en service2013
Intrants Ordure ménagère
Capacité 35.000
Fourniture, détailWaste reception
Mechanical pre-treatment and sorting
BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment
One-stage wet anaerobic digestion
Solid-liquid separation
Internal process water management
Client finalCentre Integral de Valorització de Residus de Maresme U.T.E. TEM Constructora
PartenairesUTE TEM (consortial partners among others Valoriza and Veolia Propiete)
ProduitsCHP unit with 1,600 kWel


At the Centro Integral de Valorización de Residuos del Maresme the synergies of different ways for the energetic valorization of waste will be exploited: the existing incineration plant is being refurbished, and in addition a methanization plant is being installed to produce biogas out of the organic fraction of one of the waste streams.

The concept for the methanization is based on the BTA® Process, comprising a hydromechanical pre-treatment, a mesophilic wetdigestion step followed by sanitation of the digestate at 70°C, one hour prior to the solid-liquid separation. While the solid phase undergoes a composting process, the liquid phase is widely recycled to the process in the frame of the internal process water management.

As already practiced with the main partner in the Spanish project Granollers, BTA International acts as technology provider, supplying engineering services, procurement and installation supervision, start-up support and assistance, the key components of the hydromechanical pre-treatment (together with our licensee and partner Biotec Sistemi), as well as the Control Unit.

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