Valorlis, Portugal

Nom de la planteValorlis
Mise en service2010
Intrants Ordure ménagère
Capacité 30.000
Fourniture, détailWaste reception
Mechanical pre-treatment and sorting
BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment
One-stage wet anaerobic digestion
Solid-liquid separation
Internal process water management
Effluent treatment plant
Client finalValorlis – Valorização e Tratamento de Resíduos Sólidos, S.A.
PartenairesEFACEC Engenharia, S.A.
EFACEC Ambiente, S.A.
MONTEADRIANO – Engenharia e Construção
ProduitsCHP unit with 1.250 kWel


The MBT Valorlis is designed and constructed according to the BTA® Process. The MSW is separated in two fractions in a sieve drum with 80 mm mesh size. By a magnetic separator and a manual sorting line recyclable materials are recovered from the sieve overflow. The sieve underflow is led to the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment to remove the impurities from the organic fraction prior digestion. The anaerobic digestion is executed in mesophilic wet stage in two fully agitated digesters (compressed gas) of 2.000 m³ each.  

The digested substrate is dewatered, and the remaining solid phase is stabilized in two-stage composting: in the first step it is mixed with structure material and treated in a closed hall with boxes equipped with forced aeration to achieve the sanitation of the material. The further stabilization occurs in piles with forced aeration in a covered, but not closed . After 12 weeks in total the remaining structure material is sieved out to obtain the final compost.     

The liquid phase is largely recycled back into the BTA® Process as process water. Only the remaining amount is treated in a proprietary effluent treatment plant before its discharge into the canalisation.

In the frame of the consortium, BTA International overtook the technological leadership and process responsibility for the complete MBT. Further to the engineering services during the design, procurement, installation and start-up phase BTA supplied the key components from the hydromechanical pre-treatment, the gas mixing system, the composting and effluent treatment as well as the control system for the complete installation.

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