Applications / Waste Treatment Plants

The flexibility and efficiency of the BTA® Process enables the treatment of organic waste from a wide variety of origins and with a wide variety of dry matter and impurity contents, and thus has a large number of fields of application.

We let facts speak for themselves.

„We chose bta international for quality and superior technology of their plants, and have enjoyed a good working relationship with them. The AD plant has performed well and was integral in how we pioneered the biomethane injection work in the UK.“


Nick Finding, Director JV Energen LLP

The group of companies

BTA International GmbH is a member of the Agraferm Group.

The core business of the group is the planning, construction, service and commissioning of plants for the anaerobic digestion of biomass from agriculture, municipalities and industry. The Agraferm Group combines many years of experience in process engineering, construction, process biology and operational management of such plants.
The range of feedstocks that have already been used in our plants is unparalleled. If it can be fermented, we have probably done it before.


BTA International


Waste from animal farming, industrial waste waters


Energy crops, agro- / food wastes


Meat, kitchen wastes

heavily polluted

SSO, Green bin MSW

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