Digestion plants for biowaste, food waste and commercial waste

The almost complete dissolution of the fermentable organic matter enables optimal fermentation and full utilisation of the biogas potential. Thanks to the high efficiency of the separation of impurities in the wet-mechanical processing, quality compost can be produced from the fermentation residue without costly post-processing. The unique substrate flexibility of the BTA® process is another plus for the long-term economic success of the plant.

Selected references for these input materials

Lohja, Finland

Operator: Gasum to the project

Topinoja, Finland

Operator: Gasum to the project

Varennes, Canada

Operator: SEMECS to the project

Toronto Disco Road, Canada

Operator: Veolia, CCI Bioenergy to the project

Zell am See, Austria

Operator: Zemka to the project