These BTA AD plants are under conversion, expansion or under construction.

Once in operation together they will add further waste treatment and Wet AD capacity of additional 204.000 tons per year to the BTA facilities worldwide. 

This corresponds - with approx. 80 kg of biowaste per inhabitant and year (assumption for Germany) - to a treatment capacity for 2.55 million inhabitants.

For comparison: Munich population 1 589 038 as of 31.01.2023

Spain (Granollers)

BTAs next AD plant expansion!

BTA has been awarded with the contract to expand the AD facility Granollers (Spain).

In Granollers, in the 1st phase, the treatment capacity will nearly double to 80,000 tons per year. In the 2nd phase, capacity will be further expanded to the maximum of 100,000 tons per year.

There will be two separate treatment lines for different biowaste qualities.

The plant near Barcelona, designed for 45,000 tons of biowaste per year, was commissioned in 2010. 

Following the successfull refurbishment of the EcoParc I in Barcelona, Granollers was the second BTA plant in Spain.

In the course of the expansion, during phase 1 the BTA hydromechanical pre-treatment system will be rebuilt and expanded, a second digestion line will be added, the dewatering capacity will be doubled, a partial stream sanitation will be provided and the process water management will be adapted.

BTA signs responsible for the engineering, procurement, rebuild and installation of the electromechanical installation work, the steel structures and the piping, as well as for the commissioning of the equipment and the adaptation and upgrade of the plant´s control system. 

In the phase 2 an additional 3rd digester will be added.

After Castelleone (ITA) and Valorlis (POR), Granollers marks BTAs 3rd AD plant expansion in 2023! 

Castelleone and Valorlis are both currently in it`s acceptance phase.

Type of Waste:Biowaste (FORM)
Capacity:Extension from 45.000 tons/year to 80.000 ton/year (Phase 1)
Start-up:Summer 2025
Final Client:Consorci per a la Gestio de Residues del Valle’s Oriental
Delivery:- Extension of wet mechanical pre-treatment, anaerobic digestion, sanitation, dewatering and internal process    water management 
- Process and detail engineering 
- Equipment modification and installation works 
- Planning and support of the commissioning and start-up 
- Supply of electromechanical equipment, steel and piping works 
- Control Unit for above mentioned process steps 

France (Essonne & Gennevilliers)

Second BTA biomethanation project in France 

Jointly managed by Syctom (l'agence métropolitaine des déchets ménagers Île-de-France) and Sigeif (Service public du gaz, de l'électricité et des énergies locales en Île-de-France), the biomethanation project at the port of Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine department) aims to process up to 50,000 tons of food waste annually generated on Syctom's territory.

Following a call for tenders in 2020, Syctom and Sigeif decided in March 2022 to award the concession for the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the biowaste methanation plant to Paprec (

The biomethane produced from the organic waste will supply Sem Sigeif Mobilités' largest French Bio-GNV fueling station, also located in the port of Gennevilliers. The biogas will help to reduce the need for imported fossil fuels.

The digestate from the methanation will be used as fertilizer and transported away by water for agricultural use.

PAPREC has selected BTA & AR-Val S as technology partners for the project.

BTA and AR-VAL S are responsible for the design, supply, assembly and commissioning of the major part of the process, starting with the waste reception, storage and feeding, the BTA hydro-mechanical pre-treatment, the wet anaerobic digestion incl. sanitation and heat recovery and dewatering as well as the biogas valorisation.

The Biomethanisation project in Gennevilliers

Type of waste:Biowaste from households, supermarkets, restaurants, canteens and food industry 
Capacity:50.000 tons/ year
Start-up:First half 2026
Final Client:Paprec Group
Plant sections:- Reception
- BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment
- Sanitation
- Wet anaerobic digestion
- Solid-liquid separation
- Internal process water management
- Biogas Treatment and upgrading

1st BTA Plant in France

The respective experience and know-how of BTA and AR-VAL S convinced a renowned Waste Management Company south of Paris, which awarded them the contract for the design and construction of an ambitious biowaste anaerobic digestion plant.
For a total investment of approximately € 23M, this facility enables the treatment of 35,000 tonnes / year of bio-waste via the BTA® Process. 
A wide variety of waste of different origin and nature can be treated there: biowaste from households, supermarkets, restaurants, commercial, food processing industry waste, as well as liquid waste.
After receiving the waste in a pit, the BTA waste pulper is fed by an overhead crane. 
All foreign materials (plastics, glass, inerts) are removed in the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment. The obtained waste pulp is further sanitized, digested and dehydrated to produce a high quality digestate that complies with the strictest standards, in particular the draft decree relating to agronomic quality and safety criteria for fertilisers.
On the other side, the produced biogas is upgraded and more than 330 m³/h of biomethane are injected into the GRDF network, that is more than 2,8 Million m³/year. This corresponds approx. to the annual gas demand of 2.000 households with 4 persons.

BTA and its French partner AR-VAL S will also assist the Waste Management Company South of Paris in the operation of the installation for 2 years and in the maintenance for 5 years.
This is the first facility with the BTA® Process built in France, the result of a successful cooperation of the two partners AR-VAL S and BTA International GmbH. Further plants to certainly to follow.  

Type of waste:Biowaste from households, supermarkets, restaurants, canteens, food industry and liquid waste
Capacity:35.000 tons/ year
Start-up:Summer 2024
Final Client:Waste Management Company South of Paris
Plant sections:- Reception
- BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment
- Sanitation
- Wet anaerobic digestion
- Solid-liquid separation
- Internal process water management
- Digestate Management
- Biogas Treatment and upgrading 

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