Supply of key components

BTA International's scope of delivery in a project can be very flexible. Agreed together with the partner on a project- and market-specific basis. It can include the turnkey construction of complete process stages, but can also be limited to the delivery of key components of the BTA® Hydromechanical Treatment and the BTA® Process as well as the control of all processes within the BTA® Process.



Key components preparation

Delivery of the main components of the BTA® Hydromechanical Treatment:

  • BTA® Waste Pulper for the dissolution of the fermentable organic fraction and the separation of impurities
  • LRS system and press for separation and dewatering of the light fraction
  • BTA® Grit Removal System for the separation of sand and fine inert materials
  • Thickener for the produced organic suspension

Key components BTA® Process

Supply of key components

  • Mixing system for digestion
  • Heat exchanger systems for digestion and sanitation
  • Key components for process water management
  • Aeration systems for composting



Control requires a combination of process engineering know-how of the BTA® Process and many years of experience in implementing the requirements from the functional description. Only in this way can the potential of the BTA® Process be fully exploited.

For this reason, the control system is a key component of the process and is supplied by BTA International. The experience of our EI & C engineers and technicians also ensures smooth implementation.


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