The BTA® Process

The BTA® Process essentially consists of two central steps:

BTA® Hydromechanical Treatment

Anaerobic digestion

The BTA® Process offers:

  • Highly efficient separation of all impurities as:
    • Light Fraction: plastics, foils, wood, etc. or 
    • Heavy Fraction: stones, glass, metal, bones etc.
  • Unmatched efficiency in sand separation in the GRS
  • High selectivity: minimum proportion of fermentable organic in the separated impurities
  • Maximum biogas yield: over 90% enrichment of fermentable organic in an easy-to-handle organic suspension 
  • High operational safety
  • Minimum treatment costs
  • Closed nutrient cycle possible through quality compost
  • Minimising the need for landfill space
  • Cost reduction with recycling or thermal use of the high-calorific light fraction or the production of RDF
  • No sediments that are prone to wear in the subsequent treatment stages, especially digestion

The BTA® Process - valuable know-how

The central components and the BTA® Process as a whole are protected by international patents and trademark rights.

Our customers can be sure: Whoever decides in favour of the BTA® Process, decides in favour of technology that has been tried and tested for decades and continuously developed. Our customers benefit from the original.

BTA® Hydromechanical Treatment

Anaerobic wet digestion

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