Engineering performance and know-how

We have comprehensive and long-standing engineering expertise. From the first phases of project engineering to plant realisation and commissioning, we work closely with our customers or project partners and offer sound engineering services:

Process engineering

With the documents prepared by BTA International within the scope of process engineering, BTA International provides the process engineering basis for the planning and construction of a waste anaerobic plant.

These include, among others, the mass and energy balances, R+Is, layout & sections, aggregate lists and process description.

Technical supervision assembly

In order to incorporate our many years of experience in plant construction into the project, BTA International provides qualified engineers and site managers for the technical supervision of the assembly.


Support cold commissioning

Within the scope of cold commissioning, we offer the parameterisation of the sensors and support in carrying out the function tests as well as the dry run for the individual units.

Planning and supervision of the warm commissioning

In a combination of on-site and remote support, our commissioning technicians and engineers support the customer's or process partner's personnel during warm commissioning. We develop and update the plan for the warm commissioning and the start-up of the plant, supervise the biological process and optimise the process settings on the basis of many years of experience in order to be able to reliably comply with the required process parameters at the end of the acceptance test.

Process guarantees

Confidence in our technology and engineering work, as well as consistently positive results in the acceptance tests of our reference plants, allow us to offer extensive process and performance guarantees.

As a technology partner, we also offer appropriate guarantees for the processes for which we are responsible.

These are to be jointly agreed and specified on a project-specific basis as part of the negotiations.

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