Hydromechanical Pre-Treatment

BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-Treatment, the original of wet-mechanical waste processing, enables the efficient separation of impurities as well as the complete transfer of fermentable organic components into an organic suspension. This is done in two core components, the BTA® Waste Pulper and the BTA® Grit Removel System.


The BTA® Waste Pulper - optimal separation into fractions

In the BTA® Waste Pulper, process water is added to the feedstock and the natural forces of buoyancy and sedimentation are used to separate the waste mixture into its fractions. In addition, non-soluble organic components are defibrated by shear forces and brought into suspension so that a high degree of digestion can be achieved. Heavy materials are thus discharged, while light materials are removed.

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The BTA® Grit Removal System – no silting up of the fermenter!

After the BTA® Waste Pulper, the organic fraction still contains sand and fine impurities. BTA® Grit Removal System is used for reliable sand separation. This reliably protects downstream plant components with regard to wear, silting, sediments and blockages.

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The BTA® Compact Serie

An efficient and affordable BTA treatment line for small plants (capacities).

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