Refurbishment and modernisation

Inefficient separation of impurities from the organic fraction from residual waste or biowaste and low selectivity can lead to serious problems in the digestion step such as the formation of sediment and floating sludge layers, blockages of pipes, which can lead to low availability and low biogas production due to loss of organics.

At the same time, ever stricter requirements in environmental legislation are leading to ever stricter limits on anthropogenic contaminants in the digestate or the compost produced from it.

Where other technologies have failed, BTA® Hydromechanical Treatment and the BTA® Process have proven themselves.


Ecoparc 1 Barcelona

Only a short time after the commissioning of the plant, the digestion step in Ecoparc 1 showed serious problems that made stable operation impossible.

Through our licensee, Biotec Sistemi S.r.l, BTA International was commissioned to rehabilitate the existing wet processing by replacing it with BTA® Hydromechanical Treatment and re-engineering one of the 6,000 m³ fermenters.

The digestion line was successfully re-commissioned in 2008. Since then, the operator and the municipality have been very satisfied with the plant, both in terms of performance and plant availability.

Ecoparc Burgos

A much higher proportion of impurities in the waste than specified was one of the central reasons why the digestion line at Ecoparque Burgos was never put into operation. Consequently, Ferrovial CESPA selected BTA International as its partner for the turnkey refurbishment and commissioning of the anaerobic digestion line (wet mechanical processing and anaerobic digestion).  

The successful commissioning of this plant took place in 2011.

These examples highlight the unique flexibility, robustness and efficiency of BTA® Hydromechanical Treatment, even under the most difficult conditions.

Plant modernisation

But even if your facility is getting on in years and needs to be modernised to comply with new market conditions and legislation, we are at your side with comprehensive expertise and resources.

From the inventory and the needs analysis, we discuss modernisation strategies with you and derive action plans from them, including cost estimates and schedules. In doing so, you benefit from our many years of experience as plant engineers and international project management. We will be happy to carry out the identified measures or support you in their implementation.

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