Bredbury Parkway, United Kingdom

Plant nameBredbury Parkway
Start up2012
CountryUnited Kingdom
Type of Waste Municipal Solid Waste
Capacity 86.000
Plant sectionsWaste reception
Mechanical pre-treatment and sorting
BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment
One-stage wet anaerobic digestion
Biogas valorization in CHP units
Solid-liquid separation
Internal process water management
Effluent treatment
Final ClientViridor Laing (Greater Manchester) Ltd.
PartnersEnpure Ltd.


With two of four MBT Facilities executed in the frame of the PFI Contract Greater Manchester designed according to the BTA® Process, BTA International is one of the key technology providers in the largest waste PFI project in Europe to date.

The MSW Manchester Bredbury Parkway MBT Plant is the second, bigger facility, designed to treat up to 110.000 tons per year of Municipal Solid Waste. The design incorporates a dry mechanical pre-treatment to obtain a fine organic fraction (< 60 to 80 mm), a RDF fraction and recyclable metals fraction. The organic fraction is treated by a wet pre-treatment stage followed by a mesophilic, one-stage wet anaerobic digestion based on the BTA® Process. The produced biogas is converted in CHP units to electricity and heat. The surplus heat is used to dry the digestate.

BTA International acted as technology provider and responsible party for all processes involved within the limits of the BTA® Process. In addition to engineering services, BTA International supplied the key components for the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment as well as the Control System.

Being one of the first facilities of its kind in the UK, the MSW Manchester Bredbury Parkway MBT Plant is considered a landmark project for treatment facilities of MSW including the anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction in the UK.  

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