Burgos, Spain

Plant nameBurgos
Start up2011
Type of Waste Municipal Solid Waste
Capacity 25.000
Plant sectionsBTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment
Internal process water management
Control system for Methanization line
PartnersBTA Italia GmbH


For a reliable operation of the methanization process from AD Plants for SSO, FORM or MSW, it is essential to efficiently remove the impurities before the anaerobic digestion step. Correctly done, the hydromechanical pre-treatment is the most effective way.

A much higher content of impurities in the waste than specified was a central reasons why the Methanisation Plant in Burgos was never started-up. Consequently CESPA, which also operates wet anaerobic digestion plants for FORM or MSW based on other technologies, chose BTA International as partner for the turn-key refurbishment of the Methanization line of Ecoparque Burgos.

In this frame, the existing wet pre-treatment was substituted by the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment, in this case composed by one BTA® Waste Pulper with the new Light Fraction Removal System (LRS Screw) and two BTA® Grit Removal Systems. The efficient removal of the impurities allowed finally successful start-up in 2011.

After the Methanization Plant in Ecoparc 1 in Barcelona, the wet pre-treatment and anaerobic digestion line from Ecoparque Burgos is the second plant in Spain which has been successfully refurbished by BTA International. These examples highlight the unique flexibility, robustness and efficiency of the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment.

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