Toronto Dufferin, Canada

Plant nameToronto Dufferin
Start up2002
Type of Waste Biowaste, Commercial Waste
Capacity 25.000
Plant sectionsWaste reception
BTA® hydromechanical pretreatment
Single-stage wet digestion
Solid-liquid separation
Internal process water management
Final ClientCity of Toronto
PartnersCCI – TBN Toronto Inc.


The Toronto Dufferin Organics Processing Facility (DOPF) has been operating successfully in Toronto for almost 20 years.

In recent years, the plant has been continuously operated well above its design capacity. As such, the digestion became a bottleneck. For this reason, the City of Tronto decided to install a second additional digester, making a total of 8,800 m³ of digestion volume available.

The SSO, characterized by a high plastic content of up to 15% due to the waste collection in plastic bags, is directly fed to the BTA®Hydromechanical Treatment without any prior treatment. Digestion takes place as asingle-stage, mesophilic wet digestion in reactors fully mixed with compressed gas.

The digestate is dewatered with screw presses. The solid phase is further treated in an external composting plant. The detectable level of impurities is below the limits of the Canadian Compost Standard. Therefore, the quality compost is sold in garden markets or used for soil remediation.

A consortium of BTA, our licensee CCI - Canada Composting Inc., EXP (formerly Trow Consulting Engineers Ltd.) and W.S. Nicolls Construction Inc. has been contracted to operate the plant.  The regular renewal of the operating contract underscores CCI - TBN's role as a very reliable partner to the City of Toronto.

With twenty years of successful operation, the Toronto Dufferin facility is a beacon anaerobic digestion project in North America.

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